Good to Know

The sequence of therapy/ counselling

The first interview it is about obtaining an overview of the individual’s problems and concerns, possible goal setting and the first opportunity of getting to know my approach to therapy and me as a person. It is only thereafter that the decision can be made as to whether working together is possible and then the further process is discussed.

The first meeting is as with other therapy sessions lasts 60 minutes (in the case of couples 90 minutes) and is calculated according to the same tariff.

Ethics and Quality

The concern and goal of every psychotherapy is encouraging the patient’s well-being in the sense of maintaining and protecting their fundamental human rights.

I commit myself to applying my professional qualification in such a manner that it serves the patient’s well-being and interests. I only offer those therapeutic services for which I have obtained the necessary qualifications and competence and where I have kept myself regularly up to date with ongoing education.

As is with all ASP registered psychotherapists I am committed to working together with doctors, health authorities, social workers and psychotherapists in other professionals in order to offer the patient optimal support. In the interest of scientific further development of psychotherapy as well as research in to its efficacy, SPV/ ASP psychotherapists should- in terms of their possibilities -participate in the research studies in their therapeutic field.

Patients decide how long they wish to be in psychotherapy. In particular the following points are brought to my patients’ attention:

  • The method, the setting, my qualifications
  • The probable duration of psychotherapy
  • Financial considerations like remuneration, social insurance services (in particular with reference to medical aid/health insurance) and the method of compensation for missed sessions.
  • Professional confidentiality
  • ASP professional ethical regulations
  • Ombudsman and Ethics Commission


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