Psychotherapy is „the science of healing emotional/psychological difficulties“. Psychotherapy is competent help for persons with emotionally or psychologically based suffering. 

People, who struggle to cope with their lives due to their “difficulties“, “disturbances“ “symptoms“ “problems“ seek out psychotherapeutic support when they are unable to manage alone or with the help of their usual support person.
Psychotherapy patients either come of their own volition or through the recommendation of an acquaintance, competent general practitioner, social worker etc.

Psychological/ Emotional suffering can express itself in every area of human life

  • Problems with one’s own self worth and relationship to one’s own body
  • Problems related to social behaviour
  • Problems in the partnership
  • Problemrelated to sexuality
  • Difficulties in the world of work
  • Problems with basic mood and attitude to life 

Emotional/psychological suffering can find expression in different forms

  • in physical complaints
  • in depressive mood
  • in fears and anxiety
  • in loss of emotional control
  • in Gefühlsdurchbrüchen
  • in addictions
  • in compulsions
  • in eating disorders 

Recommended Literature

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