Coaching is an interactive, person centred counselling and guiding process dealing with work related and private contents.

The reason for seeking coaching is particularly work related/career tasks and stresses, however can also be the private life situation that is particularly challenging. Politicians in order to optimally fulfil their role from time to time also receive coaching.

Developing one’s own solutions

Coaching is not psychotherapy however makes use, in part, of certain psychotherapeutic techniques that are used by various schools of psychotherapy. The crucial difference between coaching and psychotherapy is that coaching is in essence directed at the psychologically “healthy” who are generally in a position to resolve their problems alone, however with the help of counselling deal with their problems more effectively.

Coaching is individual counselling at the process level, i.e. the coach does not provide any direct solution suggestions but rather guides the client and thereby stimulates them in finding their own solutions.

Help towards helping oneself

Coaching takes place on the basis of a sustainable, workable relationship based on acceptance and trust and characterized by a voluntary counselling relationship, i.e. the client enters into the coaching relationship of his own free will and the coach assures the client discretion.

Coaching always has as its goal (also as a preventative measure) encouraging self-reflection and self-awareness, consciousness and responsibility, so help to self-help.

Coaching works with transparent interventions and does not include any manipulative techniques – the goal of this process that encourages of consciousness is in principle in opposition to manipulation.

Interactive process
Coaching is not a one-sided process with the coach taking the initiative, but rather it is an interactive process. The coach does not actively intervene in the events, in that he takes over a task, but rather he advises the individual how he or she could solve it more effectively themselves. The coach does not push his own ideas and opinions onto the person being coached, but rather takes a neutral position.

The goal is always improving the self-management skills person being coached, i.e. the coach should counsel his counterpart, encourage so that in the final instance the coach becomes redundant. 

CHF160 – CHF200/per hour.


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