Couple Therapy

With partnership conflicts and relationship problems the couple therapist takes on the role of moderator between you and your partner.

The couple therapist motivates you and your partner to speak about needs, wishes, partnership problems as well as disappointment, hope and love. It is about establishing a new understanding of each other. You can thereby express yourself freely and through the guidance establish a new level of security with each other.


Coping and resolving actual conflicts in couple relationships, improving communication and interaction.
Couples develop role division and rigid behavioural patterns in verbal and non-verbal communication and interactions. When as the result of this, conflicts arise, it is usually an indication that is it is time for transformation within the couple’s relationship.
In couples therapy the therapist can, by taking an outside perspective, help couples see conflicts as a necessary process towards gaining new understanding. Both parties’ potential that threatened to go under, is reactivated and made available once more.


The duration of couple therapy depends on the severity of the relationship problems and the goals of therapy. Sometimes a couple of counselling sessions are sufficient to provide orientation. In some cases it requires a more lengthy clarification process over months or a longer period of time.
As a rule I work with couples on a monthly rhythm so that the new insights obtained from the therapy session can be applied in the daily lives of the couple. 


CHF 180 – CHF 200 /hour, one session lasts 90 minutes as a rule


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